Gerard De Melo

Name Venue Year citations
Disentangled CVAEs with Contrastive Learning for Explainable Recommendation. AAAI 2023 0
A Disentangled-Attention Based Framework with Persona-Aware Prompt Learning for Dialogue Generation. AAAI 2023 0
Fifth Knowledge-aware and Conversational Recommender Systems Workshop (KaRS). RecSys 2023 0
Multi-Modal Bias: Introducing a Framework for Stereotypical Bias Assessment beyond Gender and Race in Vision-Language Models. EACL 2023 0
Harnessing Neighborhood Modeling and Asymmetry Preservation for Digraph Representation Learning. IJCAI 2023 0
Robust NLP for Finance (RobustFin). KDD 2023 0
FOCUS: Effective Embedding Initialization for Monolingual Specialization of Multilingual Models. EMNLP 2023 0
Improving Personalized Explanation Generation through Visualization. ACL 2022 7
Path Language Modeling over Knowledge Graphsfor Explainable Recommendation. WWW 2022 14
Fast-R2D2: A Pretrained Recursive Neural Network based on Pruned CKY for Grammar Induction and Text Representation. EMNLP 2022 1
Temporal Event Reasoning Using Multi-source Auxiliary Learning Objectives. ECIR 2022 0
Frozen CLIP Models are Efficient Video Learners. ECCV 2022 14
Art Creation with Multi-Conditional StyleGANs. IJCAI 2022 0
Fourth Knowledge-aware and Conversational Recommender Systems Workshop (KaRS). RecSys 2022 0
Curriculum Prompt Learning with Self-Training for Abstractive Dialogue Summarization. EMNLP 2022 0
D-HYPR: Harnessing Neighborhood Modeling and Asymmetry Preservation for Digraph Representation Learning. CIKM 2022 0
Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification. TPAMI 2022 0
Context-Aware Interaction Network for Question Matching. EMNLP 2021 5
EXACTA: Explainable Column Annotation. KDD 2021 5
HOOPS: Human-in-the-Loop Graph Reasoning for Conversational Recommendation. SIGIR 2021 20
Popcorn: Human-in-the-loop Popularity Debiasing in Conversational Recommender Systems. CIKM 2021 4
Guilt by Association: Emotion Intensities in Lexical Representations. EMNLP 2021 1
TIME: Text and Image Mutual-Translation Adversarial Networks. AAAI 2021 0
Sentence Analogies: Linguistic Regularities in Sentence Embeddings. COLING 2020 12
HID: Hierarchical Multiscale Representation Learning for Information Diffusion. IJCAI 2020 4
Domain-Specific Sentiment Lexicons Induced from Labeled Documents. COLING 2020 5
Cross-Lingual Emotion Lexicon Induction using Representation Alignment in Low-Resource Settings. COLING 2020 5
Illustrate Your Story: Enriching Text with Images. WSDM 2020 4
Explainable Link Prediction for Emerging Entities in Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2020 17
Long Short-Term Sample Distillation. AAAI 2020 1
Incorporating Pragmatic Reasoning Communication into Emergent Language. NIPS/NeurIPS 2020 8
Fairness-Aware Explainable Recommendation over Knowledge Graphs. SIGIR 2020 101
What Sparks Joy: The AffectVec Emotion Database. WWW 2020 9
ABSent: Cross-Lingual Sentence Representation Mapping with Bidirectional GANs. AAAI 2020 17
CAFE: Coarse-to-Fine Neural Symbolic Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation. CIKM 2020 54
Leveraging Adversarial Training in Self-Learning for Cross-Lingual Text Classification. SIGIR 2020 16
EmoTag1200: Understanding the Association between Emojis and Emotions. EMNLP 2020 12
Asymmetrical Hierarchical Networks with Attentive Interactions for Interpretable Review-Based Recommendation. AAAI 2020 0
OOGAN: Disentangling GAN with One-Hot Sampling and Orthogonal Regularization. AAAI 2020 0
SCALOR: Generative World Models with Scalable Object Representations. ICLR 2020 0
Data Augmentation for Multiclass Utterance Classification - A Systematic Study. COLING 2020 0
Reinforcement Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation. SIGIR 2019 262
Rhetorically Controlled Encoder-Decoder for Modern Chinese Poetry Generation. ACL 2019 18
Be Concise and Precise: Synthesizing Open-Domain Entity Descriptions from Facts. WWW 2019 3
Paralinguistic recommendations for affective word clouds. IUI 2019 10
Exploring Semantic Properties of Sentence Embeddings. ACL 2018 52
Cross-Lingual Propagation for Deep Sentiment Analysis. AAAI 2018 28
Generating Fine-Grained Open Vocabulary Entity Type Descriptions. ACL 2018 14
Multimodal Keyless Attention Fusion for Video Classification. AAAI 2018 89
A Helping Hand: Transfer Learning for Deep Sentiment Analysis. ACL 2018 37
Visualizing Multi-document Semantics via Open Domain Information Extraction. ECML/PKDD 2018 5
Link Prediction via Subgraph Embedding-Based Convex Matrix Completion. AAAI 2018 27
Co-PACRR: A Context-Aware Neural IR Model for Ad-hoc Retrieval. WSDM 2018 0
Attention Clusters: Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification. CVPR 2018 0
Multiple-Weight Recurrent Neural Networks. IJCAI 2017 5
PACRR: A Position-Aware Neural IR Model for Relevance Matching. EMNLP 2017 145
Link prediction by exploiting network formation games in exchangeable graphs. IJCNN 2017 7
Should Algorithms for Random SAT and Max-SAT Be Different? AAAI 2017 0
ShapeLearner: Towards Shape-Based Visual Knowledge Harvesting. ECAI 2016 2
PEAK: Pyramid Evaluation via Automated Knowledge Extraction. AAAI 2016 43
Klint: Assisting Integration of Heterogeneous Knowledge. IJCAI 2016 2
Concepts Not Alone: Exploring Pairwise Relationships for Zero-Shot Video Activity Recognition. AAAI 2016 77
Heuristics for Connecting Heterogeneous Knowledge via FrameBase. ESWC 2016 10
Morphological Segmentation with Window LSTM Neural Networks. AAAI 2016 50
Relation Classification via Multi-Level Attention CNNs. ACL 2016 412
WebBrain: Joint Neural Learning of Large-Scale Commonsense Knowledge. ISWC 2016 10
DynaDiffuse: A Dynamic Diffusion Model for Continuous Time Constrained Influence Maximization. AAAI 2015 24
Sentiment-Aspect Extraction based on Restricted Boltzmann Machines. ACL 2015 54
FrameBase: Representing N-Ary Relations Using Semantic Frames. ESWC 2015 60
Knowlywood: Mining Activity Knowledge From Hollywood Narratives. CIKM 2015 52
Perceptually Grounded Selectional Preferences. ACL 2015 13
Structured Learning for Taxonomy Induction with Belief Propagation. ACL 2014 56
Acquiring Comparative Commonsense Knowledge from the Web. AAAI 2014 44
PIKM 2014: The 7th ACM Workshop for Ph.D. Students in Information and Knowledge Management. CIKM 2014 0
WebChild: harvesting and organizing commonsense knowledge from the web. WSDM 2014 132
Searching the Web of Data. ECIR 2013 8
Not Quite the Same: Identity Constraints for the Web of Linked Data. AAAI 2013 51
LINDA: distributed web-of-data-scale entity matching. CIKM 2012 94
Deriving a Web-Scale Common Sense Fact Database. AAAI 2011 40
MENTA: inducing multilingual taxonomies from wikipedia. CIKM 2010 106
Untangling the Cross-Lingual Link Structure of Wikipedia. ACL 2010 52
Towards a universal wordnet by learning from combined evidence. CIKM 2009 153
Multilingual Text Classification Using Ontologies. ECIR 2007 40
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