Name Venue Year citations
An Algebraic View on p-Admissible Concrete Domains for Lightweight Description Logics. JELIA 2021 1
Finding Good Proofs for Description Logic Entailments using Recursive Quality Measures. CADE 2021 0
Computing Optimal Repairs of Quantified ABoxes w.r.t. Static CADE 2021 0
Satisfiability and Query Answering in Description Logics with Global and Local Cardinality Constraints. ECAI 2020 9
Computing Compliant Anonymisations of Quantified ABoxes w.r.t. ISWC 2020 0
Finding Small Proofs for Description Logic Entailments: Theory and Practice. LPAR 2020 0
Counting Strategies for the Probabilistic Description Logic JELIA 2019 0
Privacy-Preserving Ontology Publishing for JELIA 2019 0
Making Repairs in Description Logics More Gentle. KR 2018 24
Matching in the Description Logic FL0 with respect to General TBoxes. LPAR 2018 0
Query Rewriting for DL-Lite with n-ary Concrete Domains. IJCAI 2017 11
Query and Predicate Emptiness in Ontology-Based Data Access. JAIR 2016 29
Extending the Description Logic with Acyclic TBoxes. ECAI 2016 2
Approximate Unification in the Description Logic JELIA 2016 0
Ontology-Based Monitoring of Dynamic Systems. KR 2014 9
Invited Talks. KR 2014 0
Temporalizing Ontology-Based Data Access. CADE 2013 55
Solving Language Equations and Disequations with Applications to Disunification in Description Logics and Monadic Set Constraints. LPAR 2012 9
Extending Unification in EL Towards General TBoxes. KR 2012 37
Unification in the Description Logic CADE 2011 0
Query and Predicate Emptiness in Description Logics. KR 2010 22
Verifying Properties of Infinite Sequences of Description Logic Actions. ECAI 2010 24
A Generic Approach for Large-Scale Ontological Reasoning in the Presence of Access Restrictions to the Ontology's Axioms. ISWC 2009 46
A Novel Architecture for Situation Awareness Systems. TABLEAUX 2009 57
LTL over Description Logic Axioms. KR 2008 0
Axiom Pinpointing in General Tableaux. TABLEAUX 2007 73
Completing Description Logic Knowledge Bases Using Formal Concept Analysis. IJCAI 2007 205
Integrating Description Logics and Action Formalisms: First Results. AAAI 2005 202
Pushing the EL Envelope. IJCAI 2005 1216
Connecting Many-Sorted Theories. CADE 2005 37
Engineering of Logics for the Content-Based Representation of Information. JELIA 2004 1
Computing the Least Common Subsumer w.r.t. a Background Terminology. JELIA 2004 96
From Tableaux to Automata for Description Logics. LPAR 2003 57
Least Common Subsumers and Most Specific Concepts in a Description Logic with Existential Restrictions and Terminological Cycles. IJCAI 2003 115
Terminological Cycles in a Description Logic with Existential Restrictions. IJCAI 2003 248
Fusions of Description Logics and Abstract Description Systems. JAIR 2002 96
Unification in a Description Logic with Transitive Closure of Roles. LPAR 2001 65
Matching under Side Conditions in Description Logics. IJCAI 2001 24
Matching Concept Descriptions with Existential Restrictions. KR 2000 8
Tableau Algorithms for Description Logics. TABLEAUX 2000 97
Rewriting Concepts Using Terminologies. KR 2000 82
Computing Least Common Subsumers in Description Logics with Existential Restrictions. IJCAI 1999 225
Description Logics with Concrete Domains and Aggregation. ECAI 1998 47
Unification of Concept Terms in Description Logics. ECAI 1998 0
A New Approach for Combining Decision Procedure for the Word Problem, and Its Connection to the Nelson-Oppen Combination Method. CADE 1997 38
Cardinality Restrictions on Concepts. Artificial Intelligence 1996 125
Number Restrictions on Complex Roles in Description Logics: A Preliminary Report. KR 1996 46
Description Logics with Symbolic Number Restrictions. ECAI 1996 28
On the Combination of Symbolic Constraints, Solution Domains, and Constraint Solvers. CP 1995 45
Terminological Logics with Modal Operators. IJCAI 1995 59
How to Prefer More Specific Defaults in Terminological Default Logic. IJCAI 1993 106
Unification in the Union of Disjoint Equational Theories: Combining Decision Procedures. CADE 1992 116
An Empirical Analysis of Optimization Techniques for Terminological Representation Systems, or Making KRIS Get a Move On. KR 1992 251
Embedding Defaults into Terminological Knowledge Representation Formalisms. KR 1992 0
Augmenting Concept Languages by Transitive Closure of Roles: An Alternative to Terminological Cycles. IJCAI 1991 203
A Scheme for Integrating Concrete Domains into Concept Languages. IJCAI 1991 472
Qualifying Number Restrictions in Concept Languages. KR 1991 195
Terminological Cycles in KL-ONE-based Knowledge Representation Languages. AAAI 1990 99
Tutorial on Reasoning and Representation with Concept Languages. CADE 1990 0
A Formal Definition for the Expressive Power of Knowledge Representation Languages. ECAI 1990 39
Rewrite Systems for Varieties of Semigroups. CADE 1990 9
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