Name Venue Year citations
Refining Large Integrated Identity Graphs Using the Unique Name Assumption. ESWC 2023 0
A-NeSI: A Scalable Approximate Method for Probabilistic Neurosymbolic Inference. NIPS/NeurIPS 2023 0
Refining neural network predictions using background knowledge. MLJ 2023 0
Reinforcement Learning with Option Machines. IJCAI 2022 2
Planning for potential: efficient safe reinforcement learning. MLJ 2022 0
Analyzing Differentiable Fuzzy Logic Operators. Artificial Intelligence 2022 0
Refining Transitive and Pseudo-Transitive Relations at Web Scale. ESWC 2021 1
Analyzing Differentiable Fuzzy Implications. KR 2020 18
MetaLink: A Travel Guide to the LOD Cloud. ESWC 2020 2
Handling Impossible Derivations During Stream Reasoning. ESWC 2020 1
Observing LOD Using Equivalent Set Graphs: It Is Mostly Flat and Sparsely Linked. ISWC 2019 9
Entity Enabled Relation Linking. ISWC 2019 15 The Closure of 500M owl: sameAs Statements. ESWC 2018 34
Detecting Erroneous Identity Links on the Web Using Network Metrics. ISWC 2018 26
An Empirical Study on How the Distribution of Ontologies Affects Reasoning on the Web. ISWC 2017 4
Adaptive Linked Data-Driven Web Components: Building Flexible and Reusable Semantic Web Interfaces - Building Flexible and Reusable Semantic Web Interfaces. ESWC 2016 38
Are Names Meaningful? Quantifying Social Meaning on the Semantic Web. ISWC 2016 11
A Contextualised Semantics for owl: sameAs. ESWC 2016 31
A Compact In-Memory Dictionary for RDF Data. ESWC 2015 14
Rough Set Semantics for Identity on the Web. KR 2014 2
DynamiTE: Parallel Materialization of Dynamic RDF Data. ISWC 2013 59
Keynote: 10 Years of Semantic Web Research: Searching for Universal Patterns. ISWC 2011 5
QueryPIE: Backward Reasoning for OWL Horst over Very Large Knowledge Bases. ISWC 2011 83
OWL Reasoning with WebPIE: Calculating the Closure of 100 Billion Triples. ESWC 2010 184
Finding the Achilles Heel of the Web of Data: Using Network Analysis for Link-Recommendation. ISWC 2010 31
Mind the data skew: distributed inferencing by speeddating in elastic regions. WWW 2010 91
Scalable Distributed Reasoning Using MapReduce. ISWC 2009 292
Using Semantic Distances for Reasoning with Inconsistent Ontologies. ISWC 2008 34
Semantic Web Meets ILP: Unconsumated Love, or No Love Lost?. ILP 2008 0
Using Google distance to weight approximate ontology matches. WWW 2007 152
Media, Politics and the Semantic Web. ESWC 2007 3
Meaning on the web: evolution vs intelligent design? WWW 2006 0
Where Does It Break? or: Why the Semantic Web Is Not Just "Research as Usual". ESWC 2006 2
Reasoning with Inconsistent Ontologies. IJCAI 2005 242
A Framework for Handling Inconsistency in Changing Ontologies. ISWC 2005 259
Towards a Structured Analysis of Approximate Problem Solving: A Case Study in Classification. KR 2004 9
Configuration of Web Services as Parametric Design. ECAI 2004 47
C-OWL: Contextualizing Ontologies. ISWC 2003 435
Sesame: A Generic Architecture for Storing and Querying RDF and RDF Schema. ISWC 2002 1609
Enabling knowledge representation on the Web by extending RDF schema. WWW 2001 198
Describing Problem Solving Methods using Anytime Performance Profiles. ECAI 2000 11
Anytime Diagnostic Reasoning using Approximate Boolean Constraint Propagation. KR 2000 14
Characterising Approximate Problem-Solving: From Partially Fulfilled Preconditions to Partially Achieved Functionality. ECAI 1998 3
Exploiting Domain Knowledge for Approximate Diagnosis. IJCAI 1997 22
Computing Approximate Diagnoses By Using Approximate Entailment. KR 1996 31
Using Domain Knowledge to Select Solutions in Abductive Diagnosis. ECAI 1994 10
Rippling: A Heuristic for Guiding Inductive Proofs. Artificial Intelligence 1993 325
(ML)2: A Formal Language for KADS Models. ECAI 1992 159
The Oyster-Clam System. CADE 1990 270
Extensions to the Rippling-Out Tactic for Guiding Inductive Proofs. CADE 1990 250
A Rational Reconstruction and Extension of Recursion Analysis. IJCAI 1989 65
Explanation-Based Generalisation = Partial Evaluation. Artificial Intelligence 1988 117
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