Frank Hutter

Name Venue Year citations
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Learning Heuristic Selection with Dynamic Algorithm Configuration. ICAPS 2021 8
DACBench: A Benchmark Library for Dynamic Algorithm Configuration. IJCAI 2021 6
TrivialAugment: Tuning-free Yet State-of-the-Art Data Augmentation. ICCV 2021 5
OpenML-Python: an extensible Python API for OpenML. JMLR 2021 30
DEHB: Evolutionary Hyberband for Scalable, Robust and Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization. IJCAI 2021 10
Smooth Variational Graph Embeddings for Efficient Neural Architecture Search. IJCNN 2021 5
Self-Paced Context Evaluation for Contextual Reinforcement Learning. ICML 2021 4
On the Importance of Hyperparameter Optimization for Model-based Reinforcement Learning. AISTATS 2021 24
Bayesian Optimization with a Prior for the Optimum. ECML/PKDD 2021 4
TempoRL: Learning When to Act. ICML 2021 3
How Powerful are Performance Predictors in Neural Architecture Search? NIPS/NeurIPS 2021 0
NAS-Bench-x11 and the Power of Learning Curves. NIPS/NeurIPS 2021 0
Neural Ensemble Search for Uncertainty Estimation and Dataset Shift. NIPS/NeurIPS 2021 0
Understanding and Robustifying Differentiable Architecture Search. ICLR 2020 179
NAS-Bench-1Shot1: Benchmarking and Dissecting One-shot Neural Architecture Search. ICLR 2020 87
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Meta-Learning of Neural Architectures for Few-Shot Learning. CVPR 2020 35
Meta-Learning Acquisition Functions for Transfer Learning in Bayesian Optimization. ICLR 2020 23
Transferring Optimality Across Data Distributions via Homotopy Methods. ICLR 2020 2
Pitfalls and Best Practices in Algorithm Configuration. JAIR 2019 29
Neural Architecture Search: A Survey. JMLR 2019 1151
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Optimizing Neural Networks for Patent Classification. ECML/PKDD 2019 9
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Neural Networks for Predicting Algorithm Runtime Distributions. IJCAI 2018 10
Efficient benchmarking of algorithm configurators via model-based surrogates. MLJ 2018 0
The Configurable SAT Solver Challenge (CSSC). Artificial Intelligence 2017 68
Fast Bayesian Optimization of Machine Learning Hyperparameters on Large Datasets. AISTATS 2017 343
Efficient Parameter Importance Analysis via Ablation with Surrogates. AAAI 2017 24
Auto-WEKA 2.0: Automatic model selection and hyperparameter optimization in WEKA. JMLR 2017 482
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Automatic bone parameter estimation for skeleton tracking in optical motion capture. ICRA 2016 13
Bayesian Optimization in a Billion Dimensions via Random Embeddings. JAIR 2016 243
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Scaling and Probabilistic Smoothing: Efficient Dynamic Local Search for SAT. CP 2002 237
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