Name Venue Year citations
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On Second-Order Scoring Rules for Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification. ICML 2023 0
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Is the volume of a credal set a good measure for epistemic uncertainty? UAI 2023 0
iSAGE: An Incremental Version of SAGE for Online Explanation on Data Streams. ECML/PKDD 2023 0
Rectifying Bias in Ordinal Observational Data Using Unimodal Label Smoothing. ECML/PKDD 2023 0
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On the Calibration of Probabilistic Classifier Sets. AISTATS 2023 0
Koopman Kernel Regression. NIPS/NeurIPS 2023 0
SHAP-IQ: Unified Approximation of any-order Shapley Interactions. NIPS/NeurIPS 2023 0
Memorization-Dilation: Modeling Neural Collapse Under Noise. ICLR 2023 0
Multi-armed bandits with censored consumption of resources. MLJ 2023 0
Algorithm selection on a meta level. MLJ 2023 0
Incremental permutation feature importance (iPFI): towards online explanations on data streams. MLJ 2023 0
Towards Green Automated Machine Learning: Status Quo and Future Directions. JAIR 2023 0
A flexible class of dependence-aware multi-label loss functions. MLJ 2022 0
Pitfalls of Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification through Loss Minimisation. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 3
Quantification of Credal Uncertainty in Machine Learning: A Critical Analysis and Empirical Comparison. UAI 2022 2
Stochastic Contextual Dueling Bandits under Linear Stochastic Transitivity Models. ICML 2022 0
Set-valued prediction in hierarchical classification with constrained representation complexity. UAI 2022 0
A Survey of Methods for Automated Algorithm Configuration. JAIR 2022 7
Machine Learning for Online Algorithm Selection under Censored Feedback. AAAI 2022 0
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Finding Optimal Arms in Non-stochastic Combinatorial Bandits with Semi-bandit Feedback and Finite Budget. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 0
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TSK-Streams: learning TSK fuzzy systems for regression on data streams. DMKD 2021 0
On testing transitivity in online preference learning. MLJ 2021 0
Monocular Depth Estimation via Listwise Ranking Using the Plackett-Luce Model. CVPR 2021 0
Efficient set-valued prediction in multi-class classification. DMKD 2021 0
Aleatoric and epistemic uncertainty in machine learning: an introduction to concepts and methods. MLJ 2021 0
Preference-based Online Learning with Dueling Bandits: A Survey. JMLR 2021 0
Neural Representation and Learning of Hierarchical 2-additive Choquet Integrals. IJCAI 2020 6
Run2Survive: A Decision-theoretic Approach to Algorithm Selection based on Survival Analysis. ACML 2020 8
A Novel Higher-order Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Convolution. ACML 2020 8
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Learning Gradient Boosted Multi-label Classification Rules. ECML/PKDD 2020 19
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Reliable Multilabel Classification: Prediction with Partial Abstention. AAAI 2020 0
Preselection Bandits. ICML 2020 0
Introduction to the special issue of the ECML PKDD 2020 journal track. MLJ 2020 0
Learning to Aggregate: Tackling the Aggregation/Disaggregation Problem for OWA. ACML 2019 1
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