Evgeny Kharlamov

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Literal-Aware Knowledge Graph Embedding for Welding Quality Monitoring: A Bosch Case. ISWC 2023 0
Scaling Data Science Solutions with Semantics and Machine Learning: Bosch Case. ISWC 2023 0
ApeGNN: Node-Wise Adaptive Aggregation in GNNs for Recommendation. WWW 2023 0
GraphMAE2: A Decoding-Enhanced Masked Self-Supervised Graph Learner. WWW 2023 0
ScheRe: Schema Reshaping for Enhancing Knowledge Graph Construction. CIKM 2022 5
ACORDAR: A Test Collection for Ad Hoc Content-Based (RDF) Dataset Retrieval. SIGIR 2022 0
ExeKG: Executable Knowledge Graph System for User-friendly Data Analytics. CIKM 2022 7
SelfKG: Self-Supervised Entity Alignment in Knowledge Graphs. WWW 2022 6
GRAND+: Scalable Graph Random Neural Networks. WWW 2022 10
Ontology Reshaping for Knowledge Graph Construction: Applied on Bosch Welding Case. ISWC 2022 7
Executable Knowledge Graph for Transparent Machine Learning in Welding Monitoring at Bosch. CIKM 2022 5
Executable Knowledge Graphs for Machine Learning: A Bosch Case of Welding Monitoring. ISWC 2022 7
Adaptive Diffusion in Graph Neural Networks. NIPS/NeurIPS 2021 11
PCSG: Pattern-Coverage Snippet Generation for RDF Datasets. ISWC 2021 10
Efficient Computation of Semantically Cohesive Subgraphs for Keyword-Based Knowledge Graph Exploration. WWW 2021 7
Keyword-Based Knowledge Graph Exploration Based on Quadratic Group Steiner Trees. IJCAI 2021 5
TDGIA: Effective Injection Attacks on Graph Neural Networks. KDD 2021 24
Enriching Documents with Compact, Representative, Relevant Knowledge Graphs. IJCAI 2020 10
Keyword Search over Knowledge Graphs via Static and Dynamic Hub Labelings. WWW 2020 22
Graph Random Neural Networks for Semi-Supervised Learning on Graphs. NIPS/NeurIPS 2020 153
Fast Computation of Explanations for Inconsistency in Large-Scale Knowledge Graphs. WWW 2020 4
Neural Entity Summarization with Joint Encoding and Weak Supervision. IJCAI 2020 8
SemFE: Facilitating ML Pipeline Development with Semantics. CIKM 2020 14
Semantic Integration of Bosch Manufacturing Data Using Virtual Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2020 23
Ontology-Enhanced Machine Learning: A Bosch Use Case of Welding Quality Monitoring. ISWC 2020 26
Predicting Quality of Automated Welding with Machine Learning and Semantics: A Bosch Case Study. CIKM 2020 27
Entity Summarization with User Feedback. ESWC 2020 12
Towards More Usable Dataset Search: From Query Characterization to Snippet Generation. CIKM 2019 15
MiCRon: Making Sense of News via Relationship Subgraphs. CIKM 2019 6
A Framework for Evaluating Snippet Generation for Dataset Search. ISWC 2019 12
Validation of SHACL Constraints over KGs with OWL 2 QL Ontologies via Rewriting. ESWC 2019 2
Rule Learning from Knowledge Graphs Guided by Embedding Models. ISWC 2018 78
Event-Enhanced Learning for KG Completion. ESWC 2018 19
Diagnostics of Trains with Semantic Diagnostics Rules. ILP 2018 6
Semantic Rules for Machine Diagnostics: Execution and Management. CIKM 2017 12
SemDia: Semantic Rule-Based Equipment Diagnostics Tool. CIKM 2017 13
Trust-Sensitive Evolution of DL-Lite Knowledge Bases. AAAI 2017 6
Semantic Faceted Search with Aggregation and Recursion. ISWC 2017 29
SemFacet: Making Hard Faceted Search Easier. CIKM 2017 19
Semantic Rule-Based Equipment Diagnostics. ISWC 2017 21
Capturing Industrial Information Models with Ontologies and Constraints. ISWC 2016 62
Towards Analytics Aware Ontology Based Access to Static and Streaming Data. ISWC 2016 35
Controlled Query Evaluation for Datalog and OWL 2 Profile Ontologies. IJCAI 2015 31
RODI: A Benchmark for Automatic Mapping Generation in Relational-to-Ontology Data Integration. ESWC 2015 34
Ontology Based Access to Exploration Data at Statoil. ISWC 2015 83
BootOX: Practical Mapping of RDBs to OWL 2. ISWC 2015 100
How Semantic Technologies Can Enhance Data Access at Siemens Energy. ISWC 2014 91
Faceted Search over Ontology-Enhanced RDF Data. CIKM 2014 58
Verification of Inconsistency-Aware Knowledge and Action Bases. IJCAI 2013 11
Controlled Query Evaluation over OWL 2 RL Ontologies. ISWC 2013 32
Ontology Evolution Under Semantic Constraints. KR 2012 35
Capturing Instance Level Ontology Evolution for DL-Lite. ISWC 2011 19
Evolution of DL-Lite Knowledge Bases. ISWC 2010 108
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