Dietrich Klakow

46 publications

17 venues

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Saarland University, Saarbr cken, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Why Are We Waiting? Discovering Interpretable Models for Predicting Sojourn and Waiting Times. SDM 2023 0
MasakhaPOS: Part-of-Speech Tagging for Typologically Diverse African languages. ACL 2023 0
Weaker Than You Think: A Critical Look at Weakly Supervised Learning. ACL 2023 0
Multilingual Normalization of Temporal Expressions with Masked Language Models. EACL 2023 0
Meta Self-Refinement for Robust Learning with Weak Supervision. EACL 2023 0
MasakhaNER 2.0: Africa-centric Transfer Learning for Named Entity Recognition. EMNLP 2022 0
Adapting Pre-trained Language Models to African Languages via Multilingual Adaptive Fine-Tuning. COLING 2022 4
Discovering Interpretable Data-to-Sequence Generators. AAAI 2022 0
Label-Descriptive Patterns and Their Application to Characterizing Classification Errors. ICML 2022 0
Mining Easily Understandable Models from Complex Event Logs. SDM 2021 3
SoloFinger: Robust Microgestures while Grasping Everyday Objects. CHI 2021 6
Analysing the Noise Model Error for Realistic Noisy Label Data. AAAI 2021 6
Estimating Formulas for Model Performance Under Noisy Labels Using Symbolic Regression. ESANN 2021 0
To Share or not to Share: Predicting Sets of Sources for Model Transfer Learning. EMNLP 2021 5
Preventing Author Profiling through Zero-Shot Multilingual Back-Translation. EMNLP 2021 3
On the Stability of Fine-tuning BERT: Misconceptions, Explanations, and Strong Baselines. ICLR 2021 0
FAME: Feature-Based Adversarial Meta-Embeddings for Robust Input Representations. EMNLP 2021 0
Trends in Integration of Vision and Language Research: A Survey of Tasks, Datasets, and Methods. JAIR 2021 0
Transfer Learning and Distant Supervision for Multilingual Transformer Models: A Study on African Languages. EMNLP 2020 41
On the Security Relevance of Initial Weights in Deep Neural Networks. ICANN 2020 5
A Closer Look at Linguistic Knowledge in Masked Language Models: The Case of Relative Clauses in American English. COLING 2020 3
Neural Data-to-Text Generation via Jointly Learning the Segmentation and Correspondence. ACL 2020 39
Long-Span Language Models for Query-Focused Unsupervised Extractive Text Summarization. ECIR 2018 6
Nexus Network: Connecting the Preceding and the Following in Dialogue Generation. EMNLP 2018 23
Long-Short Range Context Neural Networks for Language Modeling. EMNLP 2016 9
Unsupervised morph segmentation and statistical language models for vocabulary expansion. ACL 2016 7
Sub-Word Similarity based Search for Embeddings: Inducing Rare-Word Embeddings for Word Similarity Tasks and Language Modelling. COLING 2016 3
Event participant modelling with neural networks. EMNLP 2016 24
Separating Brands from Types: an Investigation of Different Features for the Food Domain. COLING 2014 3
Automatic Food Categorization from Large Unlabeled Corpora and Its Impact on Relation Extraction. EACL 2014 7
RelationFactory: A Fast, Modular and Effective System for Knowledge Base Population. EACL 2014 22
Unsupervised Parsing for Generating Surface-Based Relation Extraction Patterns. EACL 2014 1
Combining Generative and Discriminative Model Scores for Distant Supervision. EMNLP 2013 40
Feature-based models for improving the quality of noisy training data for relation extraction. CIKM 2013 17
Towards Contextual Healthiness Classification of Food Items - A Linguistic Approach. IJCNLP 2013 6
Mobile texting: can post-ASR correction solve the issues? an experimental study on gain vs. costs. IUI 2012 13
Generalization Methods for In-Domain and Cross-Domain Opinion Holder Extraction. EACL 2012 16
Trained trigger language model for sentence retrieval in QA: bridging the vocabulary gap. CIKM 2011 4
Hierarchical pitman-yor language model for information retrieval. SIGIR 2010 12
Cross-language retrieval using link-based language models. SIGIR 2010 15
A word clustering approach for language model-based sentence retrieval in question answering systems. CIKM 2009 38
Optimizing Language Models for Polarity Classification. ECIR 2008 4
Language Model Based Query Classification. ECIR 2007 9
Combining term-based and event-based matching for question answering. SIGIR 2007 2
Exploring Correlation of Dependency Relation Paths for Answer Extraction. ACL 2006 59
Exploring Syntactic Relation Patterns for Question Answering. IJCNLP 2005 28
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