Name Venue Year citations
Towards Efficient Annotations for a Human-AI Collaborative, Clinical Decision Support System: A Case Study on Physical Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment. IUI 2022 1
A Human-AI Collaborative Approach for Clinical Decision Making on Rehabilitation Assessment. CHI 2021 25
Learning to assess the quality of stroke rehabilitation exercises. IUI 2019 31
Using Crowd Sourcing to Measure the Effects of System Response Delays on User Engagement. CHI 2016 8
Using physiological sensors to detect levels of user frustration induced by system delays. UbiComp 2015 20
A technology probe of wearable in-home computer-assisted physical therapy. CHI 2014 39
The implications of offering more disclosure choices for social location sharing. CHI 2012 35
iPod for Home Balance Rehabilitation Exercise Monitoring. ISWC 2012 3
Breaking boundaries: strategies for mentoring through textile computing workshops. CHI 2011 34
Understanding how visual representations of location feeds affect end-user privacy concerns. UbiComp 2011 25
Agent-assisted task management that reduces email overload. IUI 2010 51
Rethinking location sharing: exploring the implications of social-driven vs. purpose-driven location sharing. UbiComp 2010 176
Gesture-Controlled User Input to Complete Questionnaires on Wrist-Worn Watches. HCI 2009 15
Wearable context-aware food recognition for calorie monitoring. ISWC 2008 58
Towards a Virtual Coach for manual wheelchair users. ISWC 2008 25
RADAR: A Personal Assistant that Learns to Reduce Email Overload. AAAI 2008 65
KLEM: A Method for Predicting User Interaction Time and System Energy Consumption during Application Design. ISWC 2007 12
Selective Sampling Strategies to Conserve Power in Context Aware Devices. ISWC 2007 26
Learning an Orchestra Conductor's Technique Using a Wearable Sensor Platform. ISWC 2007 6
Eye of the Beholder: Phone-Based Text-Recognition for the Visually-Impaired. ISWC 2006 18
A Computer System for Accessing Ambient Display and Computing Resources in Wearable Environments. ISWC 2006 1
Analysis of Movement and Mobility of Wireless Network Users. ISWC 2005 6
Trading off Prediction Accuracy and Power Consumption for Context-Aware Wearable Computing. ISWC 2005 156
A Multi-Agent System for Automatically Resolving Network Interoperability Problems. AAMAS 2004 6
Unsupervised, Dynamic Identification of Physiological and Activity Context in Wearable Computing. ISWC 2003 190
SenSay: A Context-Aware Mobile Phone. ISWC 2003 372
Online Power Monitoring for Wearable Systems. ISWC 2002 10
Defect Distribution for Wearable System Design. ISWC 2002 4
Design of a Wearable Tactile Display. ISWC 2001 188
Understanding the Interaction between Performance and Power Consumption in Mobile Systems to Accurately Predict Battery Life. ISWC 2000 1
Power Consumption and Performance Analysis of Real-Time Speech Translator Smart Module. ISWC 2000 2
CMU Wearable Computers for Real-Time Speech Translation. ISWC 1999 21
Non-Ideal Battery Properties and Low Power Operation in Wearable Computing. ISWC 1999 36
MoCCa: A Mobile Communication and Computing Architecture. ISWC 1999 18
MIA: A Wearable Computer for Bridge Inspectors. ISWC 1998 18
Adtranz: A Mobile Computing System for Maintenance and Collaboration. ISWC 1998 81
The Design of a Wearable Computer. CHI 1997 108
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