Daniel Höller

32 publications

7 venues

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Name Venue Year citations
A Landmark-Cut Heuristic for Lifted Optimal Planning. ECAI 2023 0
Debugging a Policy: Automatic Action-Policy Testing in AI Planning. ICAPS 2022 0
Making Translations to Classical Planning Competitive with Other HTN Planners. AAAI 2022 3
Encoding Lifted Classical Planning in Propositional Logic. ICAPS 2022 2
Landmark Heuristics for Lifted Classical Planning. IJCAI 2022 0
Compiling HTN Plan Verification Problems into HTN Planning Problems. ICAPS 2022 1
Translating Totally Ordered HTN Planning Problems to Classical Planning Problems Using Regular Approximation of Context-Free Languages. ICAPS 2021 6
Landmark Generation in HTN Planning. AAAI 2021 4
Loop Detection in the PANDA Planning System. ICAPS 2021 5
Polynomial-Time in PDDL Input Size: Making the Delete Relaxation Feasible for Lifted Planning. IJCAI 2021 8
Landmark Heuristics for Lifted Planning - Extended Abstract. SOCS 2021 2
On Succinct Groundings of HTN Planning Problems. AAAI 2020 24
Delete- and Ordering-Relaxation Heuristics for HTN Planning. IJCAI 2020 9
Generating Instructions at Different Levels of Abstraction. COLING 2020 4
HDDL: An Extension to PDDL for Expressing Hierarchical Planning Problems. AAAI 2020 40
HTN Planning as Heuristic Progression Search. JAIR 2020 25
Applying Monte-Carlo Tree Search in HTN Planning. SOCS 2020 0
A Survey on Hierarchical Planning - One Abstract Idea, Many Concrete Realizations. IJCAI 2019 52
On Guiding Search in HTN Planning with Classical Planning Heuristics. IJCAI 2019 18
Bringing Order to Chaos - A Compact Representation of Partial Order in SAT-Based HTN Planning. AAAI 2019 31
Finding Optimal Solutions in HTN Planning - A SAT-based Approach. IJCAI 2019 27
totSAT - Totally-Ordered Hierarchical Planning Through SAT. AAAI 2018 42
A Generic Method to Guide HTN Progression Search with Classical Heuristics. ICAPS 2018 40
An Admissible HTN Planning Heuristic. IJCAI 2017 36
This Is a Solution! (... But Is It Though?) - Verifying Solutions of Hierarchical Planning Problems. ICAPS 2017 24
Bound to Plan: Exploiting Classical Heuristics via Automatic Translations of Tail-Recursive HTN Problems. ICAPS 2016 36
More than a Name? On Implications of Preconditions and Effects of Compound HTN Planning Tasks. ECAI 2016 31
Assessing the Expressivity of Planning Formalisms through the Comparison to Formal Languages. ICAPS 2016 40
Change the Plan - How Hard Can That Be? ICAPS 2016 25
On the Complexity of HTN Plan Verification and Its Implications for Plan Recognition. ICAPS 2015 44
A Planning-Based Assistance System for Setting Up a Home Theater. AAAI 2015 25
Language Classification of Hierarchical Planning Problems. ECAI 2014 55
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