Chris Biemann

Name Venue Year citations
Overview of Touché 2022: Argument Retrieval - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2022 0
Overview of Touché 2021: Argument Retrieval - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2021 1
HateXplain: A Benchmark Dataset for Explainable Hate Speech Detection. AAAI 2021 60
Touché: First Shared Task on Argument Retrieval. ECIR 2020 9
Estimating the influence of auxiliary tasks for multi-task learning of sequence tagging tasks. ACL 2020 8
Comparative Web Search Questions. WSDM 2020 14
Exploring Amharic Sentiment Analysis from Social Media Texts: Building Annotation Tools and Classification Models. COLING 2020 5
Adversarial Learning of Privacy-Preserving Text Representations for De-Identification of Medical Records. ACL 2019 16
Hierarchical Multi-label Classification of Text with Capsule Networks. ACL 2019 33
TARGER: Neural Argument Mining at Your Fingertips. ACL 2019 50
Making Fast Graph-based Algorithms with Graph Metric Embeddings. ACL 2019 1
Every Child Should Have Parents: A Taxonomy Refinement Algorithm Based on Hyperbolic Term Embeddings. ACL 2019 27
Improving Neural Entity Disambiguation with Graph Embeddings. ACL 2019 17
On the Compositionality Prediction of Noun Phrases using Poincaré Embeddings. ACL 2019 4
Unsupervised Semantic Frame Induction using Triclustering. ACL 2018 15
Par4Sim - Adaptive Paraphrasing for Text Simplification. COLING 2018 0
Storyfinder: Personalized Knowledge Base Construction and Management by Browsing the Web. CIKM 2017 1
The ContrastMedium Algorithm: Taxonomy Induction From Noisy Knowledge Graphs With Just A Few Links. EACL 2017 13
Unsupervised Does Not Mean Uninterpretable: The Case for Word Sense Induction and Disambiguation. EACL 2017 27
Negative Sampling Improves Hypernymy Extraction Based on Projection Learning. EACL 2017 22
Automatic Induction of Synsets from a Graph of Synonyms. ACL 2017 0
Ambient Search: A Document Retrieval System for Speech Streams. COLING 2016 6
Linked Disambiguated Distributional Semantic Networks. ISWC 2016 25
Language Transfer Learning for Supervised Lexical Substitution. ACL 2016 12
A Single Word is not Enough: Ranking Multiword Expressions Using Distributional Semantics. EMNLP 2015 26
Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Parsing for Distributional Similarity. COLING 2014 3
That's sick dude!: Automatic identification of word sense change across different timescales. ACL 2014 0
Scaling to Large3 Data: An Efficient and Effective Method to Compute Distributional Thesauri. EMNLP 2013 0
Using Distributional Similarity for Lexical Expansion in Knowledge-based Word Sense Disambiguation. COLING 2012 67
Quantifying Semantics using Complex Network Analysis. COLING 2012 34
Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Tagging Employing Efficient Graph Clustering. ACL 2006 106
SemanticTalk: Software for Visualizing Brainstorming Sessions and Thematic Concept Trails on Document Collections. ECML/PKDD 2004 3
Semiautomatic Extension of CoreNet using a Bootstrapping Mechanism on Corpus-based Co-occurrences. COLING 2004 8
Named Entity Learning and Verification: Expectation Maximization in Large Corpora. CoNLL 2002 13
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