Name Venue Year citations
Towards Applied Remapped Physical-Virtual Interfaces: Synchronization Methods for Resolving Control State Conflicts. CHI 2023 0
ProxSituated Visualization: An Extended Model of Situated Visualization using Proxies for Physical Referents. CHI 2023 0
A Case Study of Usability in Virtual Controls. HCI 2021 0
Bringing the Jury to the Scene of the Crime: Memory and Decision-Making in a Simulated Crime Scene. CHI 2021 10
Haptic and Visual Comprehension of a 2D Graph Layout Through Physicalisation. CHI 2021 5
Mixed Reality Light Fields for Interactive Remote Assistance. CHI 2020 15
Embodied Axes: Tangible, Actuated Interaction for 3D Augmented Reality Data Spaces. CHI 2020 24
Scaptics and Highlight-Planes: Immersive Interaction Techniques for Finding Occluded Features in 3D Scatterplots. CHI 2019 22
On the Shoulder of the Giant: A Multi-Scale Mixed Reality Collaboration with 360 Video Sharing and Tangible Interaction. CHI 2019 72
Mini-Me: An Adaptive Avatar for Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration. CHI 2018 208
ImAxes: Immersive Axes as Embodied Affordances for Interactive Multivariate Data Visualisation. UIST 2017 147
Controlling stiffness with jamming for wearable haptics. ISWC 2015 4
Wearable jamming mitten for virtual environment haptics. ISWC 2014 35
Have We Achieved the Ultimate Wearable Computer? ISWC 2012 17
Glove-Based Sensor Support for Dynamic Tangible Buttons in Spatial Augmented Reality Design Environments. ISWC 2011 7
Augmented Viewport: An action at a distance technique for outdoor AR using distant and zoom lens cameras. ISWC 2010 15
A Comparison of Menu Configurations and Pointing Devices for Use with Wearable Computers while Mobile and Stationary. ISWC 2009 9
Web 2.0 Meets Wearable Augmented Reality. ISWC 2009 5
Lightweight hand and arm tracking for mobile augmented reality. ISWC 2008 0
Constraint-based livespaces configuration management. IUI 2006 0
Evaluation of Four Wearable Computer Pointing Devices for Drag and Drop Tasks when Stationary and Walking. ISWC 2006 18
Managing Smart Garments. ISWC 2006 19
Evaluation of Three Wearable Computer Pointing Devices for Selection Tasks. ISWC 2005 21
Mobile Hand Tracking Using FPGAs for Low Powered Augmented Reality. ISWC 2004 10
A Shoulder Pad Insert Vibrotactile Display. ISWC 2003 76
Minimal Social Weight User Interactions for Wearable Computers in Business Suits. ISWC 2002 44
Tinmith-Metro: New Outdoor Techniques for Creating City Models with an Augmented Reality Wearable Computer. ISWC 2001 156
ARQuake: An Outdoor/Indoor Augmented Reality First Person Application. ISWC 2000 372
Determination of Placement of a Body-Attached Mouse as a Pointing Input Device for Wearable Computers. ISWC 1999 21
A Wearable Computer System with Augmented Reality to Support Terrestrial Navigation. ISWC 1998 200
Evaluation of Three Input Mechanisms for Wearable Computers. ISWC 1997 44
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