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2023 - Computer Science in Germany Leader Award
2022 - Computer Science in Germany Leader Award
2021 - German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina - Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina – Nationale Akademie der WissenschaftenInformatics
2018 - Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)For contributions to large-scale object recognition, human detection and pose estimation
2017 - IEEE FellowFor contributions to large-scale object recognition, human detection and pose estimation
Google Citations
Name Venue Year citations
Online Hyperparameter Optimization for Class-Incremental Learning. AAAI 2023 0
Test-time Domain Adaptation for Monocular Depth Estimation. ICRA 2023 0
Improving Robustness of Vision Transformers by Reducing Sensitivity to Patch Corruptions. CVPR 2023 0
DSVT: Dynamic Sparse Voxel Transformer with Rotated Sets. CVPR 2023 0
Weakly-Supervised Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation with Prototypical Contrastive Learning. CVPR 2023 0
A Meta-Learning Approach to Predicting Performance and Data Requirements. CVPR 2023 0
Continual Detection Transformer for Incremental Object Detection. CVPR 2023 0
HGFormer: Hierarchical Grouping Transformer for Domain Generalized Semantic Segmentation. CVPR 2023 0
Class-Incremental Exemplar Compression for Class-Incremental Learning. CVPR 2023 0
Self-Supervised Pre-Training with Masked Shape Prediction for 3D Scene Understanding. CVPR 2023 0
SoftMatch: Addressing the Quantity-Quality Tradeoff in Semi-supervised Learning. ICLR 2023 0
FreeMatch: Self-adaptive Thresholding for Semi-supervised Learning. ICLR 2023 0
Towards Robust Object Detection Invariant to Real-World Domain Shifts. ICLR 2023 0
Temperature Schedules for self-supervised contrastive methods on long-tail data. ICLR 2023 0
SSB: Simple but Strong Baseline for Boosting Performance of Open-Set Semi-Supervised Learning. ICCV 2023 0
DARTH: Holistic Test-time Adaptation for Multiple Object Tracking. ICCV 2023 0
Robustifying Token Attention for Vision Transformers. ICCV 2023 0
Learning by Sorting: Self-supervised Learning with Group Ordering Constraints. ICCV 2023 0
Studying How to Efficiently and Effectively Guide Models with Explanations. ICCV 2023 0
SimNP: Learning Self-Similarity Priors Between Neural Points. ICCV 2023 0
UniTR: A Unified and Efficient Multi-Modal Transformer for Bird's-Eye-View Representation. ICCV 2023 0
Unsupervised Open-Vocabulary Object Localization in Videos. ICCV 2023 0
Object-Centric Multiple Object Tracking. ICCV 2023 0
In-Style: Bridging Text and Uncurated Videos with Style Transfer for Text-Video Retrieval. ICCV 2023 0
Optimising for Interpretability: Convolutional Dynamic Alignment Networks. TPAMI 2023 0
Random and Adversarial Bit Error Robustness: Energy-Efficient and Secure DNN Accelerators. TPAMI 2023 0
A Unified Query-based Paradigm for Point Cloud Understanding. CVPR 2022 7
USB: A Unified Semi-supervised Learning Benchmark for Classification. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 3
SHIFT: A Synthetic Driving Dataset for Continuous Multi-Task Domain Adaptation. CVPR 2022 11
Omni-DETR: Omni-Supervised Object Detection with Transformers. CVPR 2022 7
Class-Agnostic Object Counting Robust to Intraclass Diversity. ECCV 2022 0
Towards Better Understanding Attribution Methods. CVPR 2022 4
Improving Robustness by Enhancing Weak Subnets. ECCV 2022 5
B-cos Networks: Alignment is All We Need for Interpretability. CVPR 2022 6
PoseTrack21: A Dataset for Person Search, Multi-Object Tracking and Multi-Person Pose Tracking. CVPR 2022 1
VGSE: Visually-Grounded Semantic Embeddings for Zero-Shot Learning. CVPR 2022 6
Bi-level Alignment for Cross-Domain Crowd Counting. CVPR 2022 2
RBGNet: Ray-based Grouping for 3D Object Detection. CVPR 2022 12
Keypoint Message Passing for Video-Based Person Re-identification. AAAI 2022 0
CoSSL: Co-Learning of Representation and Classifier for Imbalanced Semi-Supervised Learning. CVPR 2022 0
Assaying Out-Of-Distribution Generalization in Transfer Learning. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 0
Motion Transformer with Global Intention Localization and Local Movement Refinement. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 0
Meta-Transfer Learning Through Hard Tasks. TPAMI 2022 0
Generalized Few-Shot Video Classification With Video Retrieval and Feature Generation. TPAMI 2022 0
DWDN: Deep Wiener Deconvolution Network for Non-Blind Image Deblurring. TPAMI 2022 0
Relating Adversarially Robust Generalization to Flat Minima. ICCV 2021 28
Euro-PVI: Pedestrian Vehicle Interactions in Dense Urban Centers. CVPR 2021 9
Generalized and Incremental Few-Shot Learning by Explicit Learning and Calibration without Forgetting. ICCV 2021 11
Seeking Similarities over Differences: Similarity-based Domain Alignment for Adaptive Object Detection. ICCV 2021 22
Convolutional Dynamic Alignment Networks for Interpretable Classifications. CVPR 2021 13
Learning Spatially-Variant MAP Models for Non-Blind Image Deblurring. CVPR 2021 10
Learning Decision Trees Recurrently Through Communication. CVPR 2021 7
Adaptive Aggregation Networks for Class-Incremental Learning. CVPR 2021 0
RMM: Reinforced Memory Management for Class-Incremental Learning. NIPS/NeurIPS 2021 0
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Hierarchical Online Instance Matching for Person Search. AAAI 2020 36
Attribute Prototype Network for Zero-Shot Learning. NIPS/NeurIPS 2020 97
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Kinematic 3D Object Detection in Monocular Video. ECCV 2020 80
Person Recognition in Personal Photo Collections. TPAMI 2020 4
Normalizing Flows With Multi-Scale Autoregressive Priors. CVPR 2020 8
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Norm-Aware Embedding for Efficient Person Search. CVPR 2020 64
Confidence-Calibrated Adversarial Training: Generalizing to Unseen Attacks. ICML 2020 0
An Ensemble of Epoch-Wise Empirical Bayes for Few-Shot Learning. ECCV 2020 0
Segmentations-Leak: Membership Inference Attacks and Defenses in Semantic Image Segmentation. ECCV 2020 0
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Not Using the Car to See the Sidewalk - Quantifying and Controlling the Effects of Context in Classification and Segmentation. CVPR 2019 0
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Diverse Conditional Image Generation by Stochastic Regression with Latent Drop-Out Codes. ECCV 2018 3
Accurate and Diverse Sampling of Sequences Based on a "Best of Many" Sample Objective. CVPR 2018 81
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Feature Generating Networks for Zero-Shot Learning. CVPR 2018 0
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Script Data for Attribute-Based Recognition of Composite Activities. ECCV 2012 142
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A comparison of position estimation techniques using occupancy grids. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 1994 0
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