Barbara Plank

46 publications

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Name Venue Year citations
ESCOXLM-R: Multilingual Taxonomy-driven Pre-training for the Job Market Domain. ACL 2023 0
How to Distill your BERT: An Empirical Study on the Impact of Weight Initialisation and Distillation Objectives. ACL 2023 0
From Dissonance to Insights: Dissecting Disagreements in Rationale Construction for Case Outcome Classification. EMNLP 2023 0
ACTOR: Active Learning with Annotator-specific Classification Heads to Embrace Human Label Variation. EMNLP 2023 0
Establishing Trustworthiness: Rethinking Tasks and Model Evaluation. EMNLP 2023 0
What Comes Next? Evaluating Uncertainty in Neural Text Generators Against Human Production Variability. EMNLP 2023 0
Probing for Labeled Dependency Trees. ACL 2022 4
On Language Spaces, Scales and Cross-Lingual Transfer of UD Parsers. CoNLL 2022 0
Spectral Probing. EMNLP 2022 0
Evidence \textgreater Intuition: Transferability Estimation for Encoder Selection. EMNLP 2022 0
Stop Measuring Calibration When Humans Disagree. EMNLP 2022 1
Neural Natural Language Generation: A Survey on Multilinguality, Multimodality, Controllability and Learning. JAIR 2022 8
The "Problem" of Human Label Variation: On Ground Truth in Data, Modeling and Evaluation. EMNLP 2022 0
Learning from Disagreement: A Survey. JAIR 2021 25
Genre as Weak Supervision for Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing. EMNLP 2021 7
DaN+: Danish Nested Named Entities and Lexical Normalization. COLING 2020 21
Biomedical Event Extraction as Sequence Labeling. EMNLP 2020 24
Neural Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in NLP - A Survey. COLING 2020 0
Psycholinguistics Meets Continual Learning: Measuring Catastrophic Forgetting in Visual Question Answering. ACL 2019 29
Distant Supervision from Disparate Sources for Low-Resource Part-of-Speech Tagging. EMNLP 2018 43
Strong Baselines for Neural Semi-Supervised Learning under Domain Shift. ACL 2018 139
Bleaching Text: Abstract Features for Cross-lingual Gender Prediction. ACL 2018 59
Cross-lingual tagger evaluation without test data. EACL 2017 6
Learning to select data for transfer learning with Bayesian Optimization. EMNLP 2017 137
Parsing Universal Dependencies without training. EACL 2017 19
When is multitask learning effective? Semantic sequence prediction under varying data conditions. EACL 2017 0
Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures (Extended Abstract). IJCAI 2017 0
Semantic Tagging with Deep Residual Networks. COLING 2016 73
Multi-view and multi-task training of RST discourse parsers. COLING 2016 44
Multilingual Part-of-Speech Tagging with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Models and Auxiliary Loss. ACL 2016 386
Keystroke dynamics as signal for shallow syntactic parsing. COLING 2016 31
Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures. JAIR 2016 0
Using Frame Semantics for Knowledge Extraction from Twitter. AAAI 2015 27
Semantic Representations for Domain Adaptation: A Case Study on the Tree Kernel-based Method for Relation Extraction. ACL 2015 37
Do dependency parsing metrics correlate with human judgments? CoNLL 2015 13
Inverted indexing for cross-lingual NLP. ACL 2015 89
Linguistically debatable or just plain wrong? ACL 2014 60
Importance weighting and unsupervised domain adaptation of POS taggers: a negative result. EMNLP 2014 18
Experiments with crowdsourced re-annotation of a POS tagging data set. ACL 2014 38
Adapting taggers to Twitter with not-so-distant supervision. COLING 2014 39
Learning part-of-speech taggers with inter-annotator agreement loss. EACL 2014 90
Opinion Mining on YouTube. ACL 2014 40
What's in a p-value in NLP? CoNLL 2014 0
Embedding Semantic Similarity in Tree Kernels for Domain Adaptation of Relation Extraction. ACL 2013 123
Reversible Stochastic Attribute-Value Grammars. ACL 2011 55
Effective Measures of Domain Similarity for Parsing. ACL 2011 93
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