Asim Smailagic

29 publications

6 venues

H Index 18


Name Venue Year citations
Towards Efficient Annotations for a Human-AI Collaborative, Clinical Decision Support System: A Case Study on Physical Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment. IUI 2022 1
A Human-AI Collaborative Approach for Clinical Decision Making on Rehabilitation Assessment. CHI 2021 25
Learning to assess the quality of stroke rehabilitation exercises. IUI 2019 31
BeatLex: Summarizing and Forecasting Time Series with Patterns. ECML/PKDD 2017 17
Using Crowd Sourcing to Measure the Effects of System Response Delays on User Engagement. CHI 2016 8
Using physiological sensors to detect levels of user frustration induced by system delays. UbiComp 2015 20
A technology probe of wearable in-home computer-assisted physical therapy. CHI 2014 39
iPod for Home Balance Rehabilitation Exercise Monitoring. ISWC 2012 3
Agent-assisted task management that reduces email overload. IUI 2010 51
Message from steering committee chair. ISWC 2010 0
Gesture-Controlled User Input to Complete Questionnaires on Wrist-Worn Watches. HCI 2009 15
Wearable context-aware food recognition for calorie monitoring. ISWC 2008 58
Towards a Virtual Coach for manual wheelchair users. ISWC 2008 25
Selective Sampling Strategies to Conserve Power in Context Aware Devices. ISWC 2007 26
Learning an Orchestra Conductor's Technique Using a Wearable Sensor Platform. ISWC 2007 6
Eye of the Beholder: Phone-Based Text-Recognition for the Visually-Impaired. ISWC 2006 18
A Computer System for Accessing Ambient Display and Computing Resources in Wearable Environments. ISWC 2006 1
Analysis of Movement and Mobility of Wireless Network Users. ISWC 2005 6
Trading off Prediction Accuracy and Power Consumption for Context-Aware Wearable Computing. ISWC 2005 156
Unsupervised, Dynamic Identification of Physiological and Activity Context in Wearable Computing. ISWC 2003 190
SenSay: A Context-Aware Mobile Phone. ISWC 2003 372
Power Consumption and Performance Analysis of Real-Time Speech Translator Smart Module. ISWC 2000 2
CMU Wearable Computers for Real-Time Speech Translation. ISWC 1999 21
MoCCa: A Mobile Communication and Computing Architecture. ISWC 1999 18
MIA: A Wearable Computer for Bridge Inspectors. ISWC 1998 18
Adtranz: A Mobile Computing System for Maintenance and Collaboration. ISWC 1998 81
Metronaut: A Wearable Computer with Sensing and Global Communication Capabilities. ISWC 1997 58
The Design of a Wearable Computer. CHI 1997 108
ISAAC: A Voice Activated Speech Response System for Wearable Computers. ISWC 1997 12
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