Anne Lauscher

13 publications

5 venues

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University of Hamburg, Germany
Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
University of Mannheim, School of Business Informatics and Mathematics, Germany
Stuttgart Media University, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
What about "em"? How Commercial Machine Translation Fails to Handle (Neo-)Pronouns. ACL 2023 0
A Tale of Pronouns: Interpretability Informs Gender Bias Mitigation for Fairer Instruction-Tuned Machine Translation. EMNLP 2023 0
Exploring Jiu-Jitsu Argumentation for Writing Peer Review Rebuttals. EMNLP 2023 0
Welcome to the Modern World of Pronouns: Identity-Inclusive Natural Language Processing beyond Gender. COLING 2022 14
Fair and Argumentative Language Modeling for Computational Argumentation. ACL 2022 4
SocioProbe: What, When, and Where Language Models Learn about Sociodemographics. EMNLP 2022 0
Bridging Fairness and Environmental Sustainability in Natural Language Processing. EMNLP 2022 1
The OpenCitations Data Model. ISWC 2020 22
Rhetoric, Logic, and Dialectic: Advancing Theory-based Argument Quality Assessment in Natural Language Processing. COLING 2020 19
From Zero to Hero: On the Limitations of Zero-Shot Language Transfer with Multilingual Transformers. EMNLP 2020 136
A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Debiasing of Distributional Word Vector Spaces. AAAI 2020 0
Specializing Unsupervised Pretraining Models for Word-Level Semantic Similarity. COLING 2020 0
Investigating the Role of Argumentation in the Rhetorical Analysis of Scientific Publications with Neural Multi-Task Learning Models. EMNLP 2018 19
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