Anette Frank

22 publications

6 venues

H Index 13

Name Venue Year citations
Similarity-weighted Construction of Contextualized Commonsense Knowledge Graphs for Knowledge-intense Argumentation Tasks. ACL 2023 0
MM-SHAP: A Performance-agnostic Metric for Measuring Multimodal Contributions in Vision and Language Models & Tasks. ACL 2023 0
With a Little Push, NLI Models can Robustly and Efficiently Predict Faithfulness. ACL 2023 0
Exploring Large Language Models for Classical Philology. ACL 2023 0
Neural Natural Language Generation: A Survey on Multilinguality, Multimodality, Controllability and Learning. JAIR 2022 8
VALSE: A Task-Independent Benchmark for Vision and Language Models Centered on Linguistic Phenomena. ACL 2022 0
Towards a Decomposable Metric for Explainable Evaluation of Text Generation from AMR. EACL 2021 0
X-SRL: A Parallel Cross-Lingual Semantic Role Labeling Dataset. EMNLP 2020 15
Knowledgeable Reader: Enhancing Cloze-Style Reading Comprehension with External Commonsense Knowledge. ACL 2018 141
A Mention-Ranking Model for Abstract Anaphora Resolution. EMNLP 2017 25
Seed-Based Event Trigger Labeling: How far can event descriptions get us? ACL 2015 38
Exploring Supervised LDA Models for Assigning Attributes to Adjective-Noun Phrases. EMNLP 2011 31
Identifying Generic Noun Phrases. ACL 2010 48
A Structured Vector Space Model for Hidden Attribute Meaning in Adjective-Noun Phrases. COLING 2010 28
Computing EM-based Alignments of Routes and Route Directions as a Basis for Natural Language Generation. COLING 2010 12
Formalising Multi-layer Corpora in OWL DL - Lexicon Modelling, Querying and Consistency Control. IJCNLP 2008 30
Projection-based Acquisition of a Temporal Labeller. IJCNLP 2008 32
Constraint-based RMRS Construction from Shallow Grammars. COLING 2004 26
Integrated Shallow and Deep Parsing: TopP Meets HPSG. ACL 2003 61
A Stochastic Topological Parser for German. COLING 2002 37
An Integrated Archictecture for Shallow and Deep Processing. ACL 2002 64
Principle Based Semantics for HPSG. EACL 1995 0
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