Alexander Koller

41 publications

6 venues

H Index 18


Saarland University, Saarbr cken, Germany
University of Potsdam, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Aligning Actions Across Recipe Graphs. EMNLP 2021 0
Generating Instructions at Different Levels of Abstraction. COLING 2020 2
Normalizing Compositional Structures Across Graphbanks. COLING 2020 1
Climbing towards NLU: On Meaning, Form, and Understanding in the Age of Data. ACL 2020 199
Fast semantic parsing with well-typedness guarantees. EMNLP 2020 9
Story Generation with Rich Details. COLING 2020 2
Compositional Semantic Parsing across Graphbanks. ACL 2019 36
Graph-Based Meaning Representations: Design and Processing. ACL 2019 15
Semantic Expressive Capacity with Bounded Memory. ACL 2019 0
AMR dependency parsing with a typed semantic algebra. ACL 2018 47
Generalized chart constraints for efficient PCFG and TAG parsing. ACL 2018 0
Generating Contrastive Referring Expressions. ACL 2017 4
Efficient techniques for parsing with tree automata. ACL 2016 7
The Impact of Listener Gaze on Predicting Reference Resolution. ACL 2015 8
Graph parsing with s-graph grammars. ACL 2015 29
General binarization for parsing and translation. ACL 2013 5
Predicting the Resolution of Referring Expressions from User Behavior. EMNLP 2013 17
Generation of landmark-based navigation instructions from open-source data. EACL 2012 28
Using listener gaze to augment speech generation in a virtual 3D environment. Cognitive Science 2012 10
Computing Weakest Readings. ACL 2010 19
Waking Up a Sleeping Rabbit: On Natural-Language Sentence Generation with FF. ICAPS 2010 30
Automated Planning for Situated Natural Language Generation. ACL 2010 40
The Importance of Rule Restrictions in CCG. ACL 2010 11
Learning Script Knowledge with Web Experiments. ACL 2010 132
Dependency Trees and the Strong Generative Capacity of CCG. EACL 2009 23
A Logic of Semantic Representations for Shallow Parsing. EACL 2009 4
Efficient Processing of Underspecified Discourse Representations. ACL 2008 5
Regular Tree Grammars as a Formalism for Scope Underspecification. ACL 2008 24
Sentence generation as a planning problem. ACL 2007 62
An Improved Redundancy Elimination Algorithm for Underspecified Representations. ACL 2006 13
Efficient Solving and Exploration of Scope Ambiguities. ACL 2005 19
A Relational Syntax-Semantics Interface Based on Dependency Grammar. COLING 2004 48
Minimal Recursion Semantics as Dominance Constraints: Translation, Evaluation, and Analysis. ACL 2004 40
Computing Locally Coherent Discourses. ACL 2004 60
Talking robots with Lego MindStorms. COLING 2004 15
Underspecification formalisms: Hole semantics as dominance constraints. EACL 2003 1
Natural Language and Inference in a Computer Game. COLING 2002 12
Generation as Dependency Parsing. ACL 2002 78
Underspecified Beta Reduction. ACL 2001 8
On Underspecified Processing of Dynamic Semantics. COLING 2000 15
A Polynomial-Time Fragment of Dominance Constraints. ACL 2000 33
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