Álvaro Torralba

50 publications

7 venues

H Index 14


Aalborg University, Department of Computer Science, Denmark
Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus, Saarbr cken, Germany
Charles III University of Madrid, Spain


Name Venue Year citations
Reshaping State-Space Search: From Dominance to Contrastive Analysis. AAAI 2023 0
Automatic Metamorphic Test Oracles for Action-Policy Testing. ICAPS 2023 0
Efficient Evaluation of Large Abstractions for Decoupled Search: Merge-and-Shrink and Symbolic Pattern Databases. ICAPS 2023 0
A Theory of Merge-and-Shrink for Stochastic Shortest Path Problems. ICAPS 2023 0
Can I Really Do That? Verification of Meta-Operators via Stackelberg Planning. IJCAI 2023 0
Operator-Potential Heuristics for Symbolic Search. AAAI 2022 3
Optimal Mixed Strategies for Cost-Adversarial Planning Games. ICAPS 2022 0
Additive Pattern Databases for Decoupled Search. SOCS 2022 0
Homomorphisms of Lifted Planning Tasks: The Case for Delete-Free Relaxation Heuristics. AAAI 2022 0
Operator-Potentials in Symbolic Search: From Forward to Bi-directional Search. ICAPS 2022 0
Pattern Selection Strategies for Pattern Databases in Probabilistic Planning. ICAPS 2022 0
Beyond Stars - Generalized Topologies for Decoupled Search. ICAPS 2022 0
Polynomial-Time in PDDL Input Size: Making the Delete Relaxation Feasible for Lifted Planning. IJCAI 2021 8
Pattern Databases for Goal-Probability Maximization in Probabilistic Planning. ICAPS 2021 6
On the Optimal Efficiency of A* with Dominance Pruning. AAAI 2021 0
Faster Stackelberg Planning via Symbolic Search and Information Sharing. AAAI 2021 5
Automatic Instance Generation for Classical Planning. ICAPS 2021 8
Novel Is Not Always Better: On the Relation between Novelty and Dominance Pruning. AAAI 2020 1
Generating Instructions at Different Levels of Abstraction. COLING 2020 4
Plan-Space Explanation via Plan-Property Dependencies: Faster Algorithms & More Powerful Properties. IJCAI 2020 13
Applying Monte-Carlo Tree Search in HTN Planning. SOCS 2020 0
Operator Mutexes and Symmetries for Simplifying Planning Tasks. AAAI 2019 12
Learning How to Ground a Plan - Partial Grounding in Classical Planning. AAAI 2019 18
Bridging the Gap between Abstractions and Critical-Path Heuristics via Hypergraphs. ICAPS 2019 1
Merge-and-Shrink Task Reformulation for Classical Planning. IJCAI 2019 2
Symbolic Planning with Axioms. ICAPS 2019 3
Interleaving Search and Heuristic Improvement. SOCS 2019 0
Symbolic perimeter abstraction heuristics for cost-optimal planning. Artificial Intelligence 2018 8
Completeness-Preserving Dominance Techniques for Satisficing Planning. IJCAI 2018 2
On Creating Complementary Pattern Databases. IJCAI 2017 26
From Qualitative to Quantitative Dominance Pruning for Optimal Planning. IJCAI 2017 5
Symmetry Breaking in Star-Topology Decoupled Search. ICAPS 2017 15
Efficient symbolic search for cost-optimal planning. Artificial Intelligence 2017 49
Symbolic Leaf Representation in Decoupled Search. SOCS 2017 0
Abstraction Heuristics for Symbolic Bidirectional Search. IJCAI 2016 34
From OpenCCG to AI Planning: Detecting Infeasible Edges in Sentence Generation. COLING 2016 3
On State-Dominance Criteria in Fork-Decoupled Search. IJCAI 2016 10
Practical Undoability Checking via Contingent Planning. ICAPS 2016 13
Simulation-Based Admissible Dominance Pruning. IJCAI 2015 23
BDDs Strike Back (in AI Planning). AAAI 2015 24
A Reminder about the Importance of Computing and Exploiting Invariants in Planning. ICAPS 2015 70
Focusing on What Really Matters: Irrelevance Pruning in Merge-and-Shrink. SOCS 2015 15
"Distance"? Who Cares? Tailoring Merge-and-Shrink Heuristics to Detect Unsolvability. ECAI 2014 57
Constrained Symbolic Search: On Mutexes, BDD Minimization and More. SOCS 2013 21
Symbolic Merge-and-Shrink for Cost-Optimal Planning. IJCAI 2013 17
Transition Trees for Cost-Optimal Symbolic Planning. ICAPS 2013 16
Precomputed-Direction Heuristics for Suboptimal Grid-Based Path-finding. SOCS 2012 0
Symbolic A ECAI 2012 0
Size-Independent Additive Pattern Databases for the Pancake Problem. SOCS 2011 3
Planning Multi-Modal Transportation Problems. ICAPS 2011 24
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