Álvaro Torralba

29 publications

7 venues

H Index10


Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus, Saarbrücken, G
Charles III University of Madrid, Spain


Name Venue Year Citations
Abstraction Heuristics for Symbolic Bidirectional Search. IJCAI 2016 15
BDDs Strike Back (in AI Planning). AAAI 2015 13
Transition Trees for Cost-Optimal Symbolic Planning. ICAPS 2013 10
Symbolic Planning with Axioms. ICAPS 2019 2
Simulation-Based Admissible Dominance Pruning. IJCAI 2015 13
From Qualitative to Quantitative Dominance Pruning for Optimal Planning. IJCAI 2017 2
From OpenCCG to AI Planning: Detecting Infeasible Edges in Sentence Generation. COLING 2016 2
On Creating Complementary Pattern Databases. IJCAI 2017 11
Symbolic perimeter abstraction heuristics for cost-optimal planning. Artificial Intelligence 2018 1
Symbolic Merge-and-Shrink for Cost-Optimal Planning. IJCAI 2013 8
Interleaving Search and Heuristic Improvement. SOCS 2019 0
Completeness-Preserving Dominance Techniques for Satisficing Planning. IJCAI 2018 2
Learning How to Ground a Plan - Partial Grounding in Classical Planning. AAAI 2019 3
Merge-and-Shrink Task Reformulation for Classical Planning. IJCAI 2019 1
Operator Mutexes and Symmetries for Simplifying Planning Tasks. AAAI 2019 0
Focusing on What Really Matters: Irrelevance Pruning in Merge-and-Shrink. SOCS 2015 12
Efficient symbolic search for cost-optimal planning. Artificial Intelligence 2017 18
Size-Independent Additive Pattern Databases for the Pancake Problem. SOCS 2011 3
A Reminder about the Importance of Computing and Exploiting Invariants in Planning. ICAPS 2015 41
Bridging the Gap between Abstractions and Critical-Path Heuristics via Hypergraphs. ICAPS 2019 1
Planning Multi-Modal Transportation Problems. ICAPS 2011 16
"Distance"? Who Cares? Tailoring Merge-and-Shrink Heuristics to Detect Unsolvability. ECAI 2014 45
Precomputed-Direction Heuristics for Suboptimal Grid-Based Path-finding. SOCS 2012 1
Symmetry Breaking in Star-Topology Decoupled Search. ICAPS 2017 9
Practical Undoability Checking via Contingent Planning. ICAPS 2016 4
Symbolic Leaf Representation in Decoupled Search. SOCS 2017 3
Constrained Symbolic Search: On Mutexes, BDD Minimization and More. SOCS 2013 17
On State-Dominance Criteria in Fork-Decoupled Search. IJCAI 2016 7
Symbolic A ECAI 2012 0
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